who we are

Thornior Group is an ecosystem that creates long-term business opportunities for home décor, creators, influencers and brands.

An ecosystem that includes a marketplace, third-party logistics, agency, home decor platform for inspiration and an ever-growing community on social media.

We have managed to grow organically from 0 to 1 million followers on Instagram in 4 years and has become a place where people find inspiration to create a home they truly love.​

why we do it

Our mission

We’re committed to helping our partners, creators and community to achieve great things. Our success is driven by our ability to build purposeful relationships, collaborate openly, enthusiastically and connect across teams, functions and geographies.

Our vision

We believe everyone has the power to light up a room and inspire others; by doing something we enjoy, we shine and that light can be the light for change.Our vision is to build/create a place where ideas come to life, opportunities arise and millions of people are inspired to create a home they love.