This DIY candle is a real win-win if you want to feel cozy and productive at once. It is super easy, eco-friendly and you don't need an awful lot of supplies (nor skills).

All you need is:

🕯️ A candle (or candle stubs)
〰️ Wicks
🥣 Little OR big bowls (Thrift these!)

👀 How it’s done:

1) Melt the candle or stubs in a water bath
Use an old bowl (that does not melt) or a can.
Place the candle or candle stubs in it and sink it into a pot or casserole with boiling water and let melt. The water should not go into the candle wax.

2) Wrap the wicks around a chopstick, knitting needle or similar and place in bowl.
Alternatively you can also tape the wick to the bottom of the bowl. Either way it is done to make the wicks stay in the desired position, when pouring the melting wax.

3) Pour the melted candle wax into the bowl.
If you melted the wax in a bowl, remember to rinse it with warm water immediately after, as it is a dull job to clean it, when the wax has dried. Me not speaking from bitter experience.

4) Let dry (it’s pretty fast)

Optional: Before it dries you can sprinkle lavender or other goodies into the wax 👃🏽

Let me know if you have any questions or need to try this, sweetie!

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