Discover the World of DIY and Home Decor with Claire

Hey there, fellow home decor enthusiasts! Today, we're in for a treat as we dive into the world of DIY and interior styling with Claire, one of the brilliant minds behind Thornior. Claire's journey isn't just about transforming spaces; it's about unleashing your inner decorator, and we're about to get all the juicy details straight from her!

Claire’s DIY Odyssey

Claire, tell us, what got you started on this amazing DIY adventure? I've heard you've been obsessed with home interiors since forever!

Claire: Absolutely! Even as a kid, I couldn't resist rearranging my bedroom furniture. And when I got my first flat at 24, it was a tiny basement with issues galore. But that didn't stop me. I had this practically nonexistent budget, but I was determined to make it my dream home. So, I rolled up my sleeves, learned everything I could about DIY, and went to town. Tiling, wallpapering, painting—you name it, I did it! And the feeling of empowerment with each new skill? Totally addictive!

The Heart of Transformation

Claire, you've transformed countless spaces, but what's the most rewarding part of it for you? We're dying to know!

Claire: Oh, it's the impact on people's lives, hands down. Our living spaces affect our happiness, right? So, helping people create their sanctuaries and inspiring them to tackle DIY projects they'd never have dared before? That's so satisfying. And when they tell me they've used my tips and nailed it? That's the icing on the cake!

Balancing Passion, Parenthood, and Career

Now, Claire, you're a DIY wizard, a mom, and you even have a regular job. How on earth do you balance it all?

Claire: Well, I've got a super supportive hubby, which makes a world of difference. Plus, going freelance a few years back gave me the flexibility to work around family life. Sure, I often start my writing job when the kids are in bed, but I count myself lucky to have a job I'm passionate about.

The Kitchen Revamp: A Special DIY Journey

I heard about your DIY kitchen revamp project. Spill the beans! Why does it hold such a special place in your heart?

Claire: Ah, the kitchen revamp—it was a game-changer. It didn't just transform our quality of life; it didn't cost much either. I got to work with cool materials like microcement and learned tons along the way. The best part? Sharing it with others through Thornior and inspiring them to embark on their DIY journeys too.

Empowering DIY Courses

Your DIY courses sound fantastic. Can you give us a sneak peek into what participants can learn?

Claire: Sure! I've got this beginner's DIY and home styling course that breaks things down into bite-sized modules. We're talking creative styling on a budget, upcycling, basic DIY, and even using flowers and foliage to jazz up your space. I've made it super affordable, starting at just £5.99, so everyone can join in. My goal is to help people unleash their inner decorators and tackle home projects with confidence.

Design with Parenthood in Mind

Claire, how has being a mom influenced your design choices?

Claire: Parenthood has definitely made me more practical in my designs. I now prioritize durability and functionality without sacrificing style. Glass coffee tables? Not in this house! It's all about creating multi-functional and family-friendly spaces.

The Ever-Evolving Design World

Your design style has evolved over the years. How would you define it now?

Claire: You know, it's funny—I write about interiors, but I find it hard to pin down my personal style! I lean towards neutral palettes with hints of green, clean lines, and natural materials. I love experimenting with unique materials and have a thing for contemporary styles with a touch of Japandi.

Connecting with the Online Community

Your online community must be incredible. Any heartwarming stories you'd like to share?

Claire: Oh, absolutely! Hearing from people who've tried my IKEA hacks and transformed their homes on a budget is a joy. They tell me how proud they are of what they've achieved, and that's a great feeling. And then there are the pinch-me moments when my followers on Instagram and TikTok hit milestones. It's surreal, but it keeps me fueled with DIY energy!

Claire, you're a DIY wizard, and we're grateful for the inspiration you've shared today. Your journey reminds us that with passion and creativity, we can transform our living spaces into havens that reflect our unique personalities. So, to all you home decor lovers out there, remember Claire's story.

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