Welcome to my cosy sanctuary!  Creating a cozy bedroom wasn't easy. It involved browsing Pinterest, seeking inspiration, and lots of trial and error. But the result? A space I absolutely love. Join me I share my secrets and tips for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

My aim was to create a cosy and neutral atmosphere with a gentle splash of colour, especially as we approach the winter season in Australia. I carefully chose linen with soft tones and textures to bring warmth and comfort to the space. By adding that subtle pop of colour, I strike a balance between serenity and a welcoming feel. As the seasons change, I'll incorporate cozy elements to maintain the room's ambiance, making it the perfect retreat for the colder months.

Here is what you will need:

• Cosy Bed linen of your choice
• 2x European pillow cases of your choice
• European feather inserts (I recommend the spotlight ones)
• High loft / down doona (I recommend the Big w high loft or the Chill by bonny doona)
• 3-4x Desired dress cushions
• 1x Throw blanket

Prints: @kukiprints

To create your cosy bed follow these steps:

1- Lay your preferred fitted sheet and optional flat sheet (if desired) onto your bed. Personally, I love to leave the flat sheet slightly hanging for an elegant and flowing appearance.

2- Puff up your quilt by shaking it up and down a few times and get it into position of where you would like it to sit.

3- Fold the top of the bedding back once, then fold it over again, ensuring to straighten it out on each side.

4- Position two pillows standing upright on the left side of the bed, with one euro cushion in front (remember to give them a gentle "chop").

5- Place one euro cushion on the right side of the bed (don't forget to chop), and lay two cushions flat in front.

6- Arrange your desired decorative dress cushions, typically three but up to four if preferred.

7- Position your throw in the desired spot on the bed, usually covering the gap where the quilt is folded.

8-  Take a step back and use your hands to smooth out any creases or imperfections for a flawless finish.

9- Don't forget to spray your favourite room spray !

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