Texture, texture, texture..... I found this side table made of mdf board and decided to give it texture. The shape resembled the CB2 Dining table and my inspiration for this project comes from that textured table. This MDF Side table was $5!! ahhh, I love thrifting! Let me show you step by step on how to achieve the textured look, and yes, it is waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

Things you will need: Self Adhesive drywall joint tape, Plaster of Paris, Water, Plastic Trowel, Sanding Block 220 grit, Polycrylic protective finish in Matte by Minwax.

STEP 1: Cover the table or your object of choice with drywall adhesive. This is self adhesive it should stick on its own. If it needs more glue, use gorilla adhesive spray. It is okay if the joint tape overlaps!

Step 2: Mix Plaster of Paris with water (follow instructions on the back). Hot tip: Mix small batches at a time because it clumps quickly. Using a plastic trowel- spread on a thin layer of the plaster of paris mix and give it two hours to dry.

Step 3: Sand the first coat with 220 grit. You will need two coats of the plaster of Paris. This will ensure the drywall joint tape is not visible. It will also create more texture- always a win!

Sand lightly again after the second coat has dried!

Last Step: Paint on a protective finish to make your table wipeable/spill proof. I used a matte protective finish by Minwax called Polycrylic. I painted two coats of it and the table is still in perfect condition! You can also paint it any color before applying the protective finish.

If I have inspired your plaster of paris DIY or textured DIY- tag me! I would love to see what you come up with and happy DIYing homies!

Nada @onefortyfour_

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