How to create a window mirror on a budget

I really wanted a large window mirror for this space but when I became to search, they were looking at £200+ and with decor fashions changing all the time. I didn't warrant paying that for a mirror.

Image from Pinterest 

And alot of people were creating them by sticking the mirrors directly to the wall but I wanted to be able to frame and hang mine, to give it more of a vintage aged look.

So keeping costs down a found a old piece of hardboard in the shed and painted it some left over black paint from a past project.


To finish the backing board, I added alittle bit of beading around the edges.

And painted it black to match. Now to creating the mirror.

I then purchased 16 5 x 7in Lonsås mirrors from Ikea, enough to fill the piece of wood I'd painted. But other size mirrors are available.

Firstly remember to peeled off the clear backing plastic.

To give the mirrors the distressed, aged look I use 120 grit sandpaper to remove the mirror coating. To can go as light or as heavy as you like for the distressing.

I placed them on the board to check the effect and plan out the window mirror.

The Ikea mirrors already come with adhesive pads, making it even easier to create.

Here is the finish product. To give it a more vintage look, I added some chain to hang it from. Which I purchased half a metre from a hardware store.

Close up of the window mirror
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