Regular readers will already know that I'm a BIG fan of microcement for DIYing home improvements. I've used this marvellous material extensively in my own home with great results and have a few new projects planned for 2024 (if I ever finish the 23423462 DIYs I'm currently working on!).

As I get a lot of questions about microcement, I thought it might be useful to share some info about it here and post the links to the resources you can find on my blog with info and inspo.

Microcement coffee table project.

You might have already seen the microcement coffee table project here on Thornior, if not here's the link with the step-by-step guide to creating a cool concrete-style coffee table from microcement and leftover wood.

Here's the link to an Instagram reel which shows some of the construction process...

What is microcement?

What is microcement? And why you (DIYers) need it in your life...

If you are starting right from the beginning and want to understand more about what microcement is and how it can be used then read the below linked post...

DIY Coffee Station - IKEA hack shelves
Cement cloth decor: How, why and where.
3 reasons removing kitchen cabinets is a good idea (*for some!)
Built-in fridge freezer a DIY tutorial

The above posts will hopefully give you a much better idea about the benefits of microcement and might even inspire you to have a go at your own DIY. Below is the link to an Instagram reel with lots of microcement project examples...

10 microcement DIYs

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