How is marble formed?

We are going back to geography lessons for this one, or more specifically, geology. Marble is a naturally occurring material. It is a metamorphic rock that is formed after amounts of heat and pressure are applied to limestone - crazy huh! Part of its appeal is the uniqueness of the colour and patterns in each marble slab or tile. The veining (stripes of colour) in marble varies between samples and occurs when other elements (eg oxides, clay, slate) get trapped in the rock as the heat and pressure is applied. 

Are marble coffee tables easy to look after?

Marble is a super strong and sturdy material and, if properly cared for, can look amazing for years and years. There are some important aftercare points for looking after marble that would apply to marble coffee tables.

  • Wipe down regularly so no substance is left to sit on the marble coffee table, especially liquids which need to be mopped up immediately.
  • Ensure you seal the marble because it is a very porous material
  • Avoid liquids with acidic properties from coming into contact with your marble coffee table, eg vinegar, wine.
  • Use specific natural stone/marble cleaners and avoid abrasive cleaning products which can scratch the sealed surface, making it porous again. 

Affordable marble coffee table shopping suggestions

The dream marble coffee tables above are all well and good, but assuming you don't have a few thousand pounds in the budget then you're going to need some more affordable options. Here's a quick round-up to help inspire you. Click on the individual images to be taken straight to the relevant website with all the product details.

Black round marble coffee table


Round marble table with handle

Ella James

Rectangular with iron legs


Round with oak veneer legs


Marble-effect coffee table


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