I got the Cirrus 3 Iron steamer from Steamery, because I wanted something that was pretty but also super effective, and I loved that fact that it could be used as a steamer as well as an iron.

Find it here: Steamery Cirrus No. 3 Iron Steamer (affiliate link)

How I use my steamer in my everyday life

  • I steam my clothes when I'm at home or on the go and I use the ironing plate on creased shirt collars. Last year I was in Greece and I packed the steamer in my suitcase as well. A handheld steamer is perfect for traveling.
  • I live in Denmark and the water here is very hard, which means that my clothing will feel stiff after airdrying them. I could tumble dry them to avoid that, but that's very rough on them in the long run and I want my clothes to last for as long as possible. Steaming makes the fabric nice and soft again and doesn't harm my clothes in any way as they're only exposed to heat for a very short amount of time.
  • When my bedlinen comes out of the dryer it't usually very creased. It stays that way no matter what I do and it just doesn't look good. But with the steamer it's very easy to remove the creases and afterwards you're left with beautiful and crisp sheets that'll make your bed look and feel like heaven.
  • The more I use my couch cushions there more flat and creased they get. To make them look smooth and fluffy again I use my steamer!
  • Whenever I detect a crease in my curtains I pull out my steamer. I want them looking wavy and beautiful at all times.
  • The same goes for tablecloths. When I'm having guests over I like to steam and iron my tablecloth directly on the table. I just put a towel between the tablecloth and the table and I'm good to go.

Steamery Cirrus No. 3 Iron Steamer Review

I find steaming easier and more enjoyable than ironing, however sometimes I'll use my ironing board if I'm dealing with an extremely creased tablecloth or something similar. But getting out the ironing board is in my opinion bulky and unpractical so nine out of ten times I use my steamer.

If you want to know more about this specific steamer I made a review last year.

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