From green tiles to brick slips via stick-on tiles... here are the posts you need to read!

Happy New Year! What have you got planned for 2024? If you're hoping to tackle for room makeovers or DIY projects then I'm here to help!

I've been researching interior trends for 2024 and it looks like green tiles are going to be big so I've written a whole post dedicated to them, which you can read over on my blog.

If green isn't your thing, then you might like the post I wrote all about the perfect pink tiles...

If real tiles are a bit out of budget, fear not! I've got some budget DIY posts you might like...

First up, how to use stick-on floor tiles which you can read over on my blog. I used these budget-friendly DIYable floor tiles to revamp my bathroom floor and they were brilliant.

I've also used stick-on tiles / floor pops in a small porch area for a budget makeover and they transformed the space for under £20.

You can also use stick-on tiles in other locations around your home. A kitchen is a great place to use them to complete a kitchen makeover on a budget. If you'd like to try kitchen tile stickers (aka stick-on kitchen tiles) but don't know where to start or need some inspiration, check out this post.

If you already have tiles, but the grout is looking past its best, then read this post on how to use grout reviver with my full product review...

Finally, you might like to get some inspiration about brick slips as I've been looking into them. I've found lots of different ways to use them around your home and the benefits as well as after care considerations.

Check out my post below...

So that was a whistlestop tour of tiles, I hope you can find something useful let me know if there are any specific topics or questions you want more info on and I'll write a new post.

Thanks for reading!

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