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Hey, I'm Julia and I love everything concerning creativity and easy/budget diy projects. I hope to inspire you with my diy ideas.

From trash to treasure - Lamp Upcycling Abbott Style

I got this wonderful lamp and had a vision to upcycle it in "Abbott Lamp Style". The upcycling is really simple and a 5 min craft. What you need: • acrylic paint • baking soda • used coffee grounds That's it 😍 0:00 /0:36 1×...

DIY coffee table - marble look

This is a very simple DIY Coffee table. You don't even need to paint anything. What you need: • 2 flowerpots with nice grooves • glue • table plate (I bought one in marble look but you also can diy) Glue the 2 flowerpots together and put a heavy object in...

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