Materials for the headboard: 36x148mm planks, chipboard, trowel, paint and decorative foil.

Measurements for the frame: Length: 2.64m Height: 0.97m

Two of the three uprights that support the frame are placed approx. 33 cm from the edge, and the third is placed in the middle.

Remember to make holes at the top and in the uprights for any sockets and cables.

The frame is attached to the wall with angle brackets.

The frame was covered on the front with chipboard which was screwed into the frame and uprights. The headboard was then troweled, sanded and painted to provide a smooth surface for the decorative foil.

The Decorative foil is from Lindas Dekor and it's called "Sonoma Oak Truffle".

Nightstand materials: The plank which is attached to the frame has the dimensions 36x148mm. The outer edge and front has the dimensions 19x148mm. Plywood is used at the top and bottom of the nightstands. Trowel and paint for the surface.

Nightstand measurements: Length: 66cm, of which 28cm protrudes beyond the headboard. Depth: 30 cm. Height: 13 cm. Distance from the floor to the bottom edge of the nightstand is 41 cm.

The hight were adapted so that the total height of the nightstands, including the plate below and above, is 130mm.

The top and bottom were covered with plywood which was screwed into the frame of the nightstands. All the sides were attached internally to each other with angle brackets.

The nightstands were fully sandblasted, sanded and painted in the color "Kalkgrå" from Jotun.

Here is the result! We are super happy with it. Hope you like it as much as we do.

Whatch a quick video of the process below:

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