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You asked for shoppable mood boards and shopping guides and I (took months to get my act together, then finally) delivered! Joking aside, it's been a pretty hectic few months and I'm not quite sure how it can possibly be June tomorrow?! But, here are the first of what I hope will be a regular feature... shoppable mood boards.

A quick bit of housekeeping before we get into the heavenly homeware - I've saved an image of each board first so you can see exactly what's on there, then underneath you'll find a downloadable PDF with clickable links. Each item has its own link that will take you directly to the site you can purchase from. For clarity, some of the links are affiliate links, meaning I'll make a (very small!) commission on sales via my links, but this does not affect the price for you. Let's get started...

Shoppable mood board no. 1: Calming neutral living room with scandi-boho influences and lots of natural materials and texture. All items on this board are from Dunelm.

Shoppable mood board no. 2: Artificial plants for £10 & under

Shoppable mood board no. 3: Neutral homeware for £10 & under

Shoppable mood board no. 4: Throws for £20 & under

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