Don't want to spend 1000s on something? Do it yourself!

I bought this mirror as it was beautiful but I found that it clashed a bit with the other timbers in my home so decided to give it a Santorini vibe with some beautiful curves and paint!

Here's how I did it..

  1. Add painters tape to protect the mirror
  2. Wipe the timber down to ensure no dust
  3. Using joint compound, I  covered the timber with a rough finish. I wanted a very textured finish so didn't need to be too careful.
  4. After the first coat, let it dry for 24 hrs, then started to build out the waves with extra joint compound and smoothing it over as I went. (Sorry accidentally deleted this part of the footage 🙈)
    Is quite simple to do, just need to leave 24 hrs between each application so it dries completely and don't make it too thick each time. It took me about 3 days to build up the curves.
  5. Once completely dry, gave it a light sand to remove the bits I didn't want and smooth it out a bit.
  6. For extra texture I added some bi carb to white paint (Lexicon Quarter)  and gave it 2 coats. All done!

This is before...

This is after

Tutorial here 
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