Hi, I am Emma and I have a passion for all things interiors, design and being creative. Here you will find styling tips, simple DIY's and inspiration on how to create beautiful spaces in your homes.

DIY Santorini Mirror

Don't want to spend 1000s on something? Do it yourself! I bought this mirror as it was beautiful but I found that it clashed a bit with the other timbers in my home so decided to give it a Santorini vibe with some beautiful curves and paint! Here&...

Easy tips for styling a buffet or sideboard

A buffet or side board is such a versatile piece of furniture and can be used to bring in some personality to a space and create a focal point. I like to start with a 'hero' piece and style around that. In the first example I've...

Create a coastal kitchen no matter your location

Are you drawn to white, light and bright spaces with elements of warmth? A coastal vibe may be what you are looking for. When designing my home, the kitchen was the most important room as this is where I spend most of my time as a busy mum of 3...

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