I remember as my husband and I walked passing by this almost 70 years old corner end house, on summer 2021 and how we fell in love with it right away. It was as you know a place will feel like home the moment you pull up to the curb. We knew this was the one and we bid for the house right away without wasting any time, and with God's grace we won the bid a week later. We moved into our first home early October 2021 and we've been renovating ever since.

The house was built in the 1950's , well maintained corner family home but outdated in styling. So we decided to give it a makeover by DIY'ing ourselves! It's been a huge challenge mentally and physically as a lot of hard work and effort we have put together into the project with an expectation that we have tried 100% and it's definitely going to be worth it in the end.

We did DIY renovation on almost all part of the house to reduce expenses , save cost and then to wisely spent for some part of the house that required professional handling such as extending work of our living room that requires large constructive renovation by demolishing and reconstructing and any plumbing work especially for bathroom and toilet room because we truly want to avoid any nightmare for a lot things that could go wrong by any attempt to install on our own.

Of course we're unquestionably not professionals in anything we're doing and we do not claim to be one either, we all have to start somewhere, so to work with certain limitations I spent couple of months prior moving into our house doing a lot of research, watched many online YouTube and Instagram tutorials , gained knowledge on hardware and power tools, worked on budget and most importantly I tried over and over again without giving up at any stage.

I believe styling a house doesn’t have to be expensive. I styled our home by thinking out of the box and created bespoke looks with DIY, upcycling second hand finds from flea markets, purchasing outlet products and we strictly do shopping only during mega promotions.

The design and style that I’m creating for our home is my own version of minimalist space that the eyes and the mind view as a whole. I lean towards a few styles such as western vintage farmhouse, Marrakesh, Japandi and Scandavian. Cozy neutral space, pretty functional and organized is the vibe that I am creating. I’ve always opted for natural shades and pastel pallets because that is how I like to symbolize myself to be neutral. For paint work, my all-time favorite I love to create perfectly imperfect walls with Lime Wash chalk paint which require some patience to paint in several thin coats using criss-cross technique with a block brush. I love their texture and finish.

Of course DIY Renovation can be really exhausting, messy and time consuming but creating and transforming a space on my own with my own ideas, well that is where I find the most joy.

The BEFORE transformation image _Master Bedroom

So, we want to congratulate ourselves for taking on our first DIY home project at this old-fashioned master bedroom! It's a great way to add some personal touch to the living space while also saving money.

You could start by repainting the walls with a warm and cozy color, like a soft beige or a pale gray, to complement the classic aesthetic. Next, consider adding crown molding or baseboards to give the room a more finished look. With a little creativity and hard work, your DIY project can transform your bedroom into a charming and inviting retreat. Check out below how we did it!

30 seconds glimpse of our DIY Bedroom

This is great and crazy looking back at these clips how far we've done beyond our comfort zone. It was a challenge as a beginner but we got there eventually.

Cozy neutral space, which is exactly the vibe we wanted. 🤍🤍🤍

Flooring @luxurystoresnl
Wallpaint Kalkverf @vestinghpaintandcraft
Wallpaper @bimagostore
Ceiling light @lampenlicht.nl
Side table light @casashops
Carpet @karwei

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