What I used:

• x 3 @toppstiles Travertine Tiles (40x60cm)
@soudal_portugal ‘Fix all’ to bond (Already had)
• x 2 Natural Pine (120x20cm) @richard_burbidge
@liberon.uk Dark Oak wood stain (Already had)
Total cost: £56

How to create the Travertine and Pine Side Table:

  1. Firstly, fix x 2 of the 40x60cm tiles longways with the 'Fix all' bonding agent and let them set for approximately 2 hours.
  2. Whilst the tiles are setting, prepare your x 2 120x20cm pine wood. You can keep this natural and protect with a clear gloss or stain, paint, whichever you prefer. I choose to use a dark oak wood stain to give it that rich look. Stain using a dry cloth, dipping into the stain solution and rubbing into the grain until full coverage. The stain dries quickly (5-10 minutes), and I coated both pieces 3 times for full coverage and a darker tone.
  3. Once the above are set and dry, place the x2 set piece at one end and the single piece of travertine at the other- you will need to sets of hands to complete this. Use 'Fix All' on the top of both pieces of Travertine.
  4. Lastly, place both pieces of pine on to the top of the travertine pieces.  Use paint tins or other pieces of furniture to hold the structure in place whilst it sets. (Approx. 4 hours).

See the below video for a better visual of the steps.  

If you try this at home, happy creating! and remember to use hashtags on social media: #travertinesidetable #travertinediy #diytravertine #travertinetable

Best wishes,


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