Want extra lighting, thats more permanent but don’t want an electrician making a mess of your ceilings.

You could always use my option 1, using a plug in pendant light cable. But if your wanting something alittle more permanent and more statement!

Things you need:
• Light fitting
• USB rechargeable bulb
• Drill
• Wall plugs

We inherited down lights in this kitchen space, which I didn't mind. There bright and practical. But I wanted some mood light and create a feature over the sink area. Here is the kitchen before we gave it a spruce up and no lighting above the sink.

Here is after with a feature light adding, added with no need of a electrician.

I used a USB rechargeable bulb in a standard light fitting. Just drilled, added wall plugs and screwed the fitting to the ceiling. The bulb screws in like a standard bulb.

It has a remote control to switch on and off and also change the brightness.

It also has a screw hook attachment. i.e if you wanted to use the bulb in a shed or camping. It is rechargeable using the supplied usb cable and also if screwed into a powered light fitting too.

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