Want extra lighting but don’t want an electrician making a mess of your ceilings.

Well you could always used a plug in pendant light cable. There such a easy way to add abit of feature lighting to any space and the cords come in a variety of colours and styles too.

Things you need:
• Pendant light ceiling lighting fitting
• A basket to create a diy light shade (optional)
• Metal screw in hook
• Drill
• Wall plug

I bought the pendant light fitting from @amazon.co.uk plus I decided to make my own shade, by using a sea grass basket from @jysk.uk

The plan was to hang the basket here and attach the light fitting to the ceiling with the metal hook. As there was no lower lighting in this loft room and I didn't want it to be a permanent fitting, if we moved the position of the bed.

So using a drill with a holesaw attachment, I created a hole in the basket.

I found using a scrape piece of wood helped for a clean cut through the weave of the basket.

I added a @ikeauk metal ring adapter (for fire safety reasons) and attached the light fitting.

And hang wherever you like!

I just drill a hole into the ceiling, added a wall plug and screwed in the metal hook. The shade was only lightweight, so this was sufficient. I also just created a looped knot to stop the cable moving.

This type of lighting can be adding anywhere in the home, as long as you have a plug socket. But if not, there are other options. See my post on option 2.

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