I love the look of timber that looks like it has a history! Here I'll show you how to distress timber to give that Rustic Farmhouse aesthetic!

I'm working on a table that had a thick dark varnish, once I removed the varnish, it was time to start distressing the timber.

I used a combination of tools:

• Hammer

• Chisel

• File

• Multi Tool

Firstly, using the hammer and chisel to chip away at the timber in all different directions.

I also used a multi tool with a cutting attachment create more indentations and remove chunks of the timber. This worked really well, especially along the edges to remove the straight line of the original timber.

Then it was time to smooth over all of these areas. I used an orbital sander to sand all the rough areas and round the sharp and rough areas. I also removed as much of the excess stain as possible.

Once smooth, I sealed the timber with three coats of polyurethane.

As you can see, the timber has indentations and scratches which give the impression of alot of use over the years. It give a piece so much more character and I just love this look!  

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