DIY LÁMPARA NAVIDAD 🎄 DIY Plant box MIKADO AIR FRESH + VODKA How To Add New Handles To Any Drawer Planchar con las manos

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DIY Plant box

See full recipe on Instagram I wanted to make a cool and simple plant box for my plants. All you need is some wood slats and strong glue. Measurements: Height: 60 cm, Width: 27 cm and length: 69 cm. Start by deciding on the type of material you want, I...

How To Add New Handles To Any Drawer

Sevs Little Finds After you have finished painting, staining or varnishing your furniture piece and sealed the piece with either a wax or poly it is now time to add new handles! What you’re going to need: - Drill and 5 HSS (High Speed Steel) Drill Bit - New...

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