Whether you want to showcase your beautiful flowers or light a candle you can do all of that at the same time, the way you want it with this (if I may say myself) amazing hack!

Why this hack

For me design has to be aesthetically pleasing but also functional, and preferably multi functional, hence this Ikea hack 🙌

I’ve really thought about how I would want to use these vases myself: easy to clean (or not at all) and fast change of function. The base prevents the wax to get on the vase, this way you can switch it out anytime you want without having to clean it first.

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What you need

  • IKEA Cylinder vases
  • air dry clay
  • small brush
  • rolling pin
  • small piece of plastic foil
  • sandblock (p180 or finer)
  • clear varnish (I used a varnish spray with a matt finish)

How to

  1. roll out the clay with a rolling pin
  2. for the base press out the 3 circles using the vases (important note: the vases are wider at the top compared to the bottom. so if you want to safe yourself a lot of sanding cut out the bases slightly smaller unless you don't hate sanding like I do :)
  3. for the candle holders cut out 3 strips with a width of appox. 3 cm
  4. wrap the end of a candle stick with plastic foil and wrap the strips around it and cut to size
  5. close the seam with water using your finger and pool it off the candle by pooling on the plastic foil
  6. make the base wet in the middle, make small shallow cuts with a knife and place the candle holder in the middle
  7. use water to 'glue' the holder on to the base, and to refine the shape using the brush and your fingers
  8. let it dry completely until harden (your patience will be tasted ;)
  9. sand it to smoothen the surface and to shape to size to fit the vases at the base
  10. you can spray paint it and seal it off with a clear varnish. if you like the color of the clay you can skip the spray paint, like I did. But don't skip the varnish!

images numbered with corresponding steps:

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I hope I have inspired you to try this hack, and if I have please do tag me... I would love to see it!


Mina (@home.by.mi)

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