How to a create a outdoor kitchen space in a small garden

We gained a brick built BBQ when we moved in, which we improved by painting and adding a faux tiled wall behind (See DIY Faux Tiled Wall post)

But when we did have BBQ's we struggled for somewhere to put food, it wasn't practical. I did buy a butcher block on wheels to just put at the side but then decided we needed abit more storage in the garden. So recycling as much as possible, we begun by building a frame at the side of the BBQ.

This consisted of 2x2in timber and scaffolding board for the top fixed directly into the wall with plugs and screws.


Then to match the planter (see DIY slatted planter post) we added slats down the side and 2 hinged doors.

So now we had alittle worktop space and storage for the BBQ. But we have a empty space to the right.

But we didn't have much of the slat timber left over, so I decided on a different approach using crates.


Now to paint and protect the timber. I just used some left over timber care.

These old crates came up nice after alittle sand with 180 grit sandpaper, which I originally bought off marketplace but you could alternatively use the Ikea wooden ones.

With a left over piece of scaffolding board, so we added a shelf to. The overall outdoor kitchen space is small but gives us extra storage for charcoal etc and somewhere to put food when having BBQ's. Hope you like the outcome, as much as we do. Thanks for reading.

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