Not long ago I changed the fixtures of the house from dark walnut to white. The result was immediately surprising, but there was one thing that still didn't convince me: the granite windowsills. So why not paint them?

For this diy I used a paint that doesn't need a primer and is suitable for any surface.

I started by covering all the edges of the window with masking tape and cleaning the surface with a cloth.

I poured the paint into the container, without diluting it with water and I applied the first coat of product.

I spread the product well with one pass and let it dry before being able to move on to the next coat.

For the second coat instead, I diluted the paint with a little water to spread it easily and make it adhere better. Let's remember to pass the product also on the edges and sides of the windowsill.

Already with two coats of product the result is satisfactory, but for an excellent result I chose to give the third and last application.

After the paint dried, I applied a glossy finish, which seals and protects the colour. The result is guaranteed.

As I always say "small expenditure maximum yield". With just a little all my windows have changed their appearance, resulting in brighter and more modern. I hope I have been an inspiration to you and if you liked the post come and visit my page, I'll wait for you. 🤍

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