I am a lover of Styling a bed and making it feel relaxed by adding beautiful Rustic linen, my top tip is to keep it neutral, I love keeping it relaxed and a bit messy and creating that perfectly imperfect look, that when its put together with a few easy steps, it gives you all those mediterranean relaxed coastal vibe every time. I have put together below a few simple steps so that if you are loving this look and wanted to give it a go, see a below how I achieve this look.

Step 1. I always use neutral plain white or Natural coloured sheets, two standard pillows at the back stacked on top of each other, this gives you a base for the European cushions and any feature cushions to lean against, here I have used two European cushions to the right and a 50x50 cushion on the left.

Step 2. I then layered the featured Cushions using the rust cushion (as per photo above) leaning against the Euro linen cushion, then layered the other two featured cushions in front making them the hero and feature at the front, this will pick up the throw and the other tonal elements from the linen quilt cover come to life.

Step 3. I always use a very plain neutral duvet/quilt cover so I can add interest through textured cushions, throws and colour, I have used here as you can see a navy striped underside linen duvet/quilt cover from @homesbycaz and added the striped navy and linen standard pillows in between to add that pop of colour and also added a rust throw to pick up on the rust cushion to warm the look up.

Step 4. I always add a textured throw on one side slightly scrunched so it adds that relaxed vibe, so that if you ever want to have a nap, its very easy to pick up and use, then just throw back on when you get up.

Step 5. I always add a rug, neutral preferably as it gives you plenty of scope to add texture, colour and more pattern to your bedding, so it acts as an anchor to your room and provides texture and warmth when stepping out of bed.

The beautiful quilt I used here is a natural linen with a striped navy and linen back, so it adds that contrast when folded back to reveal visual impact. All linen from @homesbycaz a beautiful store in Sydney Australia.

When styling I always use a rule of 3 colours and textures however, there are no rules, I just love a neutral calming colour palette, and always just add a little pop of colour here and there, whenever I feel the need to change it, it makes it easier to add that pop by changing out your featured cushion colour and throw.
I added a timber bench at the end of a bed it gives that warm element a place to sit and also use to add decor items, throws candles and books on.

Creator: Rosanna

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