Kathrine Haugholt

Kathrine Haugholt

https://www.instagram.com/kathrine_haugholt/ Hi, my name is Kathrine. I love renovating and creating creative projects to inspire you.

DIY- Teddy bear chair

For my niece's christening, I wanted to make a gift that she could have for many years and that was a nice piece of furniture. Is there anything cuter than children's furniture? Se more on my Instgram! So I started by googling what I was supposed...

DIY Advent Candlestick

All you need is some metal pipe, a tile and some wooden slats. See the full recipe here 0:00 /0:32 1× Start by deciding which size you want. I then cut some wooden slats which I treated with decorative wax. In order for the substrate to withstand candle...

DIY Plant box

See full recipe on Instagram I wanted to make a cool and simple plant box for my plants. All you need is some wood slats and strong glue. Measurements: Height: 60 cm, Width: 27 cm and length: 69 cm. Start by deciding on the type of material you want, I...

DIY wooden headbord

Do you dream of the classic hotel look in the bedroom? How about making a headboard with wood? See full recipe on my instagram Sand down well before treating the wood, preferably glue them together so that you don't have to glue them one by one on the...

From trash to treasure - Teddy chair

See more on my Instagram Yes, you read that right. With simple steps, you can transform a worn office chair into a brand new one. All you need is some teddy fabric. I went for blue fabric, and have now got a lovely and soft chair that looks brand new....

DIY Billy-hack

Do you have a Billy bookcase from Ikea? Here's how you can transform it into an exciting shelf in 1-2-3! Se more on my instagram! See more inspiration and photos on my instagram, but we'll do a quick summary here . All you need is some paint...

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