A few months ago i wanted an arch plaster shelve ,but i didnt justify paying so much for it ,so i decided to give it a go making one and love how it turned out .


. A few pieces of cardboard

. Masking tape

. A piece of timber  

. Timber glue

. Compound

. Spatula

. Sander

. Paint


1.The first thing you do is to draw your desire shape on your cardboard ( I did an arch but can be done with any shape), and cut it.

2.Then next is to cut out the centre of your cardboard stencil so one is a frame. Make it around 3 cm thick edge.

3.Cut a timber plank to the length of the flat edge, and also cut a few 3cm sections of timber

4.Take your full half circle and place it on the table. Line the bottom straight edge with glue and press your timber plank onto the glue.

5.Then, line the top edge of the timber with glue and then press on the frame semi circle.Add timber splints along the top and sides of the frame, gluing them in place and let it dry for at least 24hrs.

6. Cut lengths of cardboard the same width as your shelf, and then bend them around the top and inside of your shelf, using the masking tape to secure in place.Once that is done cover with compound or plaster and let dry overnight. Once dry use your sander to give it a nice and smooth finish.If you want you can put a coat of paint or leave it as it is.


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