Vamos a planchar un póster para que quede perfecto‼️ DIY ARCH COMPOUND SHELVE New wall decor with cellular concrete DIY wooden headboard DIY Panelling on a crooked wall ⚒️💙

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A few months ago i wanted an arch plaster shelve ,but i didnt justify paying so much for it ,so i decided to give it a go making one and love how it turned out . MATERIAL YOU NEED : . A few pieces of cardboard . Masking tape . A piece of timber   . Timber...

DIY wooden headboard

This DIY is SO simple yet so stylish! I wanted a headboard in dark wood for our bed and when I found this beautiful countertop at IKEA an idea was born. One of the best things about this DIY headboard - apart from its beauty - is that it is...

DIY Panelling on a crooked wall ⚒️💙

If you have a crooked wall like me because you are living in an old building this instruction is for you! I used already fitted MDF-tilings (you can get them in the DIY-market or order them in the internet). After I measured the wall and decided on a height I...

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