Berna Kucuk

Berna Kucuk

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Hi, I'm Berna, I have a passion for interior styling. Creating diys to give inspiration & affordable styling ideas for individual homes. Be inspired by our newly built houses. @design_by_Berna

Clay Handmade Bowl

I saw a similar bowl that was made by one of the artists online. I was inspired, and wanted to give it a go. I manage to make the bowl. I used a clay that i have never used before and the quality was terrible. I usually use crayola white...

Textured Canvas Diy

My first textured Canvas artwork... I was wondering how to achieve texture on this kmart Canvas. I had no joint compound at home. So I decided to use a method. I covered the sides of the Canvas and applied first coat of chalk paint. In a bowl I dumped some...

Mediterranean Table Lamp

Check out how I changed the look of this table lamp by wrapping jute twine & joint compound plaster. Materials 1x roll jute twine 1x tub joint compound plaster Drying time 24 to 48 hours. I used half a tub of joint compound.To fully cover, I simply applied thick...

Sea Salt Vase Diy

Do you like simplicity? Transforming your existing Decors, ceramic vases, terracotta pots, glass vases into textured looking vase. Simple all you need is some seasalt, chalk paint and brush. One of my hobbies is texture painting. I usually add bi carbonate into my paints. But this time i thought I...

Vintage looking serving boards

Hello lovelies, I wanted to share one of my simple affordable diys. I'm a little obsessed with vintage pieces. Raw looking woods, bowls etc. I came across with these serving boards at my favourite store. I decided to sand them. They were originally orange looking. I used 80grit...

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