KMART DIY VASE Textured Canvas Diy Mediterranean Table Lamp DIY SIDE TABLE LAMP


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What can i say about this diy vase ? Its the easiest diy you will ever do if you give it a go.  I wanted a tall vase but without having to pay big dollars for it. I had 2 kmart vases at home inside my cupboard so i decided to...

Textured Canvas Diy

My first textured Canvas artwork... I was wondering how to achieve texture on this kmart Canvas. I had no joint compound at home. So I decided to use a method. I covered the sides of the Canvas and applied first coat of chalk paint. In a bowl I dumped some...

Mediterranean Table Lamp

Check out how I changed the look of this table lamp by wrapping jute twine & joint compound plaster. Materials 1x roll jute twine 1x tub joint compound plaster Drying time 24 to 48 hours. I used half a tub of joint compound.To fully cover, I simply applied thick...


0:00/1× DIY TUTORIAL HOW TO CREATE A PERFECT SIDE TABLE LAMP Using just 6 products I have created a perfect and beautiful table lamp to suit any space in your home. Instructions listed in video Materials: 1. 3 Kmart bubble pots 2. 1 gorilla super glue 3. 1...

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