I'm Jenna. A lover of all things neutral with a passion for soft minimal styling. Here you'll find interior inspiration, budget DIY's and home decor ideas. My Instagram is @cosfordedit


How I added a beige paint wash to my existing dining table. 0:00 /0:06 1× THE PROCESS First off, I made a mistake. when starting this project. I applied to much paint to the table and not enough water. When paint washing furniture, use plenty of water and...


Here's how I created a colour drenched powder room using limewash paint. BEFORE VS AFTER I had previously used a diy limewash technique in this space but was ready for a more moody, coloured drenched space. Here's how the space transformed. 0:00 /0:08 1×...


A simple yet effective way to create wabi sabi pieces for your home. The process... I used: * Leftover wall paints * Water * Coffee * Small paint brush * Canvas fabric 0:00 /0:41 1× The effect once dry looks like this... FRAMING The Finished Look Follow @cosfordedit for more details and interior...

DIY Dining Set

Here's how I transformed my dining area into a long awaited soft neutral space... SOFT MINIMAL . BEIGE AESTHETIC . BUDGET INTERIOR STYLE 0:00 /0:09 1× I began this project with two purchases... a £15 Facebook Marketplace table and 4 boucle chairs from a All About Chairs UK....


Create a mid-century moment in your home with this DIY dome lamp. This has been one of my most favourite DIYs to create! Firstly, I want to say I was fortunate to get my hands on a discounted lamp base for this project. If you'd love to create...

Textured wall art

Create a wabi-sabi inspired art piece using simple materials. You will need: A large piece of polystyrene Sticky back plastic Tissue paper PVA glue Paint - white and beige for a faux limewash effect Method: 1. Select your chosen polystyrene piece. (I got mine from a delivery package. Most DIY...

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