What you need: • wooden sticks • wood glue • wooden plugs • electric drill • saw • flowerpot • paint of choice

  1. Saw the wooden sticks (mine are 2 cm in diameter and 65 cm in lengths) to your chosen length. You need 4 longer parts for the "legs" (4 x 65 cm) , 2 shorter sticks (2 x 18,8 cm) and 4 tiny sticks (4 x 8,5 cm) for the middle part. The size depends on the size of your flower pot (best to measure it before). Mine is 18 cm in diameter.
Mark the length and saw the sticks. 

2. Now drill the holes (size of your wooden plugs, I used the smallest I could get) where you want the sticks to connect. 2 holes in each of the 4 sticks used as "legs" and 2 holes on top and bottom in each of the smaller sticks.

3. Now use your wooden plugs and wood glue to connect the sticks to each other.

Take a look at the finished product to see where all the sticks should be placed.

Pro 4. Now you can paint the stand if you like or keep it natural.

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