How to create beautiful but quick and easy artwork for your home

Things you need:
• 2 lengths - 1" x 2" timber for the frame
• 2" finishing stripwood for the edge (optional)
• a rug or fabric
• tools - stapler, mitre block, saw, mitre adhesive (optional) panel pins & hammer.

I really wanted a large piece of artwork that wouldn’t cost the the earth, so when I saw this Habitat rug in the sale for £10, I had an idea and decided to make one.

The rug is L 170cm x W 90cm in size, so perfect for creating an statement piece! So went to my local DIY hardware store to get some timber to make a frame. To make this part even easier you could always buy a cheap canvas and just recover it using a rug or piece of fabric of your choice. But I didn't want to limit my size of the artwork, so I made a frame instead.

I used 2 lengths of 1"x 2" timber, cutting the corners using a mitre block.

To fix I used mitre adhesive and stapled across the joint whilst the adhesive cured.

I made the frame 150cm x 70cm. 20cm smaller each way, so there was enough to pull around the frame and staple.

I found it easier to staple one side of the rug, pull taught and staple the opposite side. So you stay straight and level with the frame.

To finish the piece, I added some thin 2" stripwood around the outside of the frame. It gives it a more shop bought look and less DIY. I just fixed this with 2" panel pins. Heres it all finished, so quick and easy.


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