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DIY Canvas Artwork

How to create beautiful but quick and easy artwork for your home Things you need: • 2 lengths - 1" x 2" timber for the frame • 2" finishing stripwood for the edge (optional) • a rug or fabric • tools - stapler, mitre block, saw, mitre adhesive (optional) panel pins...

DIY canvas frame

Being an artist as well as a DIY-freak I wanted to make stylish floating frames for my paintings without compromising on the quality or my wallet. These canvas frames resemble the ones you get in a frame shop since they are sturdy, removable and elegant but at the same time,...

DIY Relief Art

A Creative Way to Add Texture to Your Walls Are you looking for a creative way to add some depth and texture to your walls? Look no further than DIY relief art! This fun and easy project is perfect for those with a bit of woodworking and painting experience, and...

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