Elin Palmgren

Elin Palmgren

✨ Scandinavian artist helping you create a home you will love ✨ Soft, calming art, DIY & japandi interior ✨ Contact me at [email protected]

DIY / Thrift flip - Teddy chairs

You know when you've found a couple of chairs in a thrift shop / second hand and you just feel like they're not IT, but you would love to bring them to life once again? I felt like that with these chairs! The steps of this DIY...

DIY Floor pot

I have been looking for a large floor pot to place my faux olive tree in, but I found it hard to find a pot in the size I wanted for a reasonable prize. So I decided to make one of my own using an old laundry basket! MATERIALS * Laundry...

DIY wooden headboard

This DIY is SO simple yet so stylish! I wanted a headboard in dark wood for our bed and when I found this beautiful countertop at IKEA an idea was born. One of the best things about this DIY headboard - apart from its beauty - is that it is...

DIY canvas frame

Being an artist as well as a DIY-freak I wanted to make stylish floating frames for my paintings without compromising on the quality or my wallet. These canvas frames resemble the ones you get in a frame shop since they are sturdy, removable and elegant but at the same time,...

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