Do you have a Billy bookcase from Ikea? Here's how you can transform it into an exciting shelf in 1-2-3!

See more inspiration and photos on my instagram, but we'll do a quick summary here .

This is a Billy book shelves from Ikea

All you need is some paint and some extra shelves. Play around and create levels and rooms as you wish, feel free to paint them in slightly different colors to create some life. I used the same colors as I have in the rest of the house to create a connection.

What you need is and how to do it:
1. Billy bookcase in the desired size. You can also combine several.
2. Extra shelf plates or other plates
3. Screws to fasten the plates with
4. Ackryl and putty for screw holes and joints.
5. Sand down with sandpaper before priming with primer.
6. Paint with the desired color. I used floor paint, it is durable.

I first put the shelves in place and painted everything grey, which is the color I wanted, before painting the shelves.

What do you think? Are you going to try? Very easy and fun project. It doesn't take long either. Hope you were inspired.

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