How to create the modern crittal effect for under £5

I wanted to a little something to the plain glass shower screen but didn't want it to be permanent as the style might go out of fashion.

Before I added the cladding, wallpaper and flooring.

So we firstly cleaned the glass, measured equally and marked on the glass with a black marker. Just a dot as a guide for you, when applying the tape.

I used 10mm gloss black tape from

Once you've marked out where the tape needs to go, its pretty easy and if you make a mistake you can just peel it off and reposition.

For the horizontal strips, its easier to have someone else hold the tape for you before sticking down. So you can get it level.

To finish, I taped around the edge of the screen.

This effect can be added to windows, mirrors even walls, as its a low tack tape. It can be removed at any time. So its perfect for those of you renting too.

For cleaning just spray the glass cleaner on a cloth, instead of directly onto the glass itself and wipe. Thanks for reading.

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