If you have a crooked wall like me because you are living in an old building this instruction is for you!

I used already fitted MDF-tilings (you can get them in the DIY-market or order them in the internet). After I measured the wall and decided on a height I ordered the tilings and painted them blue.

Start by building a subcontruction, so    you can attach the panells on your wall. I used normal wood strips and screwed them onto the wall.

Subconstruction (don't has to be straight)

After that you need to attache the tilings onto the subconstruction. Make sure that the screws are countersunk.

Like this you now attach every tiling to the wall.

For the socket you just need to countersink two holes and than attach the socket to the "new wall"

Now you need to glue the strips and toeboard over the screws.      

I attached the strip on top of the panelling with screws.            

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