Showing off the power of paint!

Whether your existing kitchen is not to your taste, it's in need of a bit of TLC or you just fancy sprucing it up a little - you can paint it, and completely transform it at a fraction of the cost of a brand new fitted kitchen!

I Used:

~ Top Cupboards - Rust-Oleum Silver Sage
~ Bottom Cupboards - Rust-Oleum Charcoal Black
~ Wooden Handles - Rust-Oleum Matt Black All-Surface Paint Spray

The coverage and drying time was unbelievable, meaning I could get this done and finished, in one day!

With such great coverage I only used 1 1/2 x 750ml Charcoal Black and 1x 750ml of sage equating to only £75 for the whole kitchen and utility room.

How I did It:

  1. Clear your kitchen so everything is tidily out of the way. Cover the flooring with plastic sheeting (you can pick this up from Amazon for £2), and masking tape along the flooring so you don't get any paint on the floor when painting the kickboards.
  2. Clean down the kitchen surfaces and cupboards and dry thoroughly.
  3. Remove all bottom kitchen handles and doors - use a simple hand-held screwdriver for speed, to remove the handles, and the doors from their hinges.
  4. Lay all doors on to the plastic sheeting and lightly sand each (my kitchen cupboards were white high-gloss previously).
  5. Remove any excess debris from sanding.
  6. Use a small roller frame with a short pile mohair roller sleeve.
  7. Rustoleum do a really good 'Ready to Roll' accessories kit which includes everything you need if you don't already have it.
  8. Stir your paint thoroughly and add to roller tray.
  9. Apply a thin coat to each door and wait to dry. I did a second coat about 1 hour after.
  10. Give additional drying time, 2-3 hours - Whilst you're waiting for the doors to dry, you can begin painting the kickboards and kitchen carcass framework (you do not have to do the latter - I only did it because I didn't want to see any white behind the black doors). Two coats.
  11. Carefully turn the doors over and repeat the process.
  12. Apply the paint to the edges of the doors.
  13. After drying time is complete, re-attach the doors.
  14. Repeat the process with the top cupboards.
  15. Use a plastic sheet outside (if possible) and apply spray to handles (if you wish to change these too) - Two coats - make sure you only apply thin layers and leave to dry for at least two hours in between.
  16. Leave to dry overnight and reattach handles.
  17. Apply any touch ups - you can always roll over the doors again when they have been reattached to get the perfect finish if required.

Transform with me!

I hope you like this DIY and good luck!

Don't forget to share your creations on social media!

Happy creating!

Love, Nicola.

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