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I’m super excited to share our latest home project with you. We decided to tackle our boring white doors in the upstairs hallway. The goal? Make them match our fabulous feature wall downstairs. We thought, why not use acoustic panels to give them a chic, unified look? Here’s how we made it happen!

Materials used

  • Woodup Slat Wall Panels in Walnut
  • Gorilla glue (from B&Q)
  • Construction wood (from B&Q)
    Round Hooks (from Muuoto and Made.com)
  • Invented Round Handles (which is actually a solid oak tray from Wayfair. Sanded, prepared to be attachment to the original handle with screws and glue.)
  • Dulux Mat paint for wood

Step-by-Step Process

I. Planning and Prep

First things first, we measured our doors and planned where the acoustic panels would go to make sure everything lined up perfectly with the downstairs feature wall.

II. Adding Acoustic Panels

We started putting up the Woodup slat wall panels. But, surprise! The panels made the space between the door handle and the door too tight. So, we had to cut out little squares around the handles. Not cute.

III. Getting Creative

Those cutouts around the handles were bugging me, so I brainstormed a way to cover them up. I thought, “Why not use round knobs to mask them?” But guess what? I couldn’t find any hooks big enough.


IV. Wooden Trays to the Rescue

After some serious internet sleuthing, I figured out that solid wooden trays could do the trick. I grabbed a couple of solid acacia wood trays, cut them into half-moon shapes, and gave them a good sanding.


V. Repainting and Finishing Touches

Next, I repainted the wooden pieces with Dulux Mat paint for wood to match our style.

VI. Mounting the Custom Handles

Finally, we attached the custom handles to the doors using screws and Gorilla glue. They turned out super sturdy and totally masked the original handles, giving a stylish finish.

The Big Reveal


And voilà! Our plain white doors now have a sophisticated, textured look that ties in perfectly with our feature wall downstairs. The custom handles were a genius move, if I do say so myself! This project was so much fun and really showed how a little creativity can solve any design dilemma.

Can’t wait to share more of our home improvement adventures with you. Stay tuned for more DIY fun!

Creator: Volha

Instagram: @etvolha

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