How I gave this tiny space a new lease of life and it's still going strong 18 months later.

Porch glow-up room reveal budget revamp with stick-on floor tiles

Before & After

I dream of one day having a beautiful boot room but for now, I have this cupboard-sized, inside porch area which needs to house the whole family's coats and shoes (quite a task when your housemates own what seems like a thousand pairs of trainers between them!) so I need to make the best of it!

As is often the case with the home improvement projects I share, the space in question has been earmarked for a future change. I'm not sure we'll ever have the budget or inclination to undertake the grand plans I've cooked up, but it seems silly to spend lots of money decorating, just in case.

Stick-on floor tiles

Although the space is tiny, it is certainly handy to be able to shut the door on it, so I decided to leave the structure as is (for now) and focus on cosmetics instead. The floor is tiled with thick, slate tiles which have seen better days! Removing them and retiling wouldn't be a huge job, but I decided it was a bit too much cost and effort for what is hopefully a temporary measure, so I was looking for more of a quick fix. I decided to try Floor Pops, self-adhesive floor tiles, which you literally peel and stick. This seemed too good to be true especially when I saw the price (£14.99 per pack of 10 at the time of completing this project but currently available on Amazon for less than £12 ). At that price, I thought it was worth a punt so ordered a black and white design and only needed one pack (this tells you everything you need to know about how small the floor space is!).

Progress pics below...

Old tired inside porch area with fitted shoe cupboard
Stick-on floor tiles being stuck to black tiled floor
Floor pops installation on black tiles
Black and white stick on floor tiles claire douglas’ porch
Floor pops installed on tired black slate tiles
White fitted cupboard and wall mounted radiator in small inside porch area
Small inside porch area being decorated by Claire Douglas

As you can see from the above pics, the stick-on tiles greatly improved the space. The floor now looked fresh and clean and the pattern worked well as you can be a bit bolder in small areas.

Perfect Pigeon

I used my favourite colour-match paint for the walls, cupboard doors, and the front door. I used scrubbable, hardwearing emulsion on the walls, shoe cupboard, and special paint for the front door, all purchased from Decorating Centre Online. I matched the paint shade to Farrow & Ball's Pigeon, a gorgeous greeny-grey, using DCO's colour matching service. You can get 10% off the DCO website with discount code Clairescourse10.

Cupboard Door Handle Swap

The previous handles were a bit naff, so a made a quick trip to Homesense and picked up some super cute, brass bee-shaped handles which were only £5.99 for 4 - bargain! The new handles made such a difference and really elevated the look of the cupboard.

Green front door in paint shade ‘pigeon’ with black and white stick-on fooor tiles aka floor pops

Ta - dah!

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