I found this mini kitchen on the Dutch marketplace and right away I knew I wanted to turn it into a romantic kitchen with a warm French vibe

What you need

  • IKEA Duktig mini kitchen
  • sanding material
  • painters tape
  • primer
  • 2 paint colors - I chose a beautiful green and a crisp white, both with a chalky matt finish
  • paint roller and paint brush
  • handles - I chose a traditional shape with white porcelain, complimenting the gorgeous green
  • clear varnish (I used a varnish spray with a matt finish)
  • accessories and utensils

How to

  1. disassemble the pieces
  2. light sanding and priming - this step depends on the kind of paint you use. For some parts I used a paint that didn't require sanding or priming
  3. decide on what parts you want to paint using painters tape
  4. paint and sand in between.
  5. reassemble all the pieces
  6. attach the handles
  7. finish off with a clear varnish
  8. style it with utensils and accessories

A few things to consider

  • when choosing colors: if you want a cohesive look don't go for colors that create too much contrast and stick to no more than 2 paint colors - I chose white and green, and left the wooden countertop untouched for a touch of warmth.
  • when choosing utensils and accessories: choose neutral and non-contrasting colors. I picked silver, white and light wood. Go wild with different materials and textures: I choose mainly untreated wood and metals with soft and textured surfaces, and different fabrics like a small linnen bag and a cloth with a subtle white and green print with the addition of brown that compliments the wooden surface of the kitchen. With my 'greenery' I chose a greyish green to prevent clashing with the green paint color.

Don't forget to have fun! I really enjoyed going thrifting and shopping for utensils in my favorite stores, and seeing my vision come to life.

One last advice: don't bother tidying up your child's kitchen, it's no use. Believe me, I've tried! :) Enjoy the first few minutes after you've finished styling. Take as many as possible pictures! ;)

I hope I have inspired you to try this makeover, and if I have please do tag me, I would love to see it!


Mina (@home.by.mi)

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