Game-changing hinge hack for a damaged cupboard door

Broken kitchen cupboard door with damaged concealed hinge hole

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Is there anything more annoying than a dodgy kitchen cupboard hinge? You know the one when the screws won’t stay in their holes on the door itself, so every time the cupboard door closes, the hinge pops back into the closed position and the corner of the door drops down. (Just thinking about it is making me cross!)

We had this issue with the door that goes in front of the washing machine and I tried many fixes including gluing the hinge into the blind hole & gluing the screws in but nothing seemed to work on a permanent basis. Then we had the same issue on another cupboard in the kitchen (super annoying as the units are only six years old so they should be faring better than they are). But this second issue led me to start researching proper fixes and I stumbled upon this ingenious product that solves the issue in a few minutes.

You will need

*includes aff links

I bought my hinge repair kit from Amazon and it only cost £2.59.

Drill (not essential but handy for making pilot holes for the screws)

Screwdriver - this is mine from Amazon


  1. Remove door completely
the back of a kitchen cupboard door

2. Place in position on the door and check the hinge repair panel fits the hole on your door cut out for the concealed door hinge.

3. Screw the affected hinge into the repair kit panel using the two screw holes which were fixed into

the door previously - use the screws provided. It was quite tricky removing the old screws from my

hinge and they needed a quick spray of WD-40 which worked a treat.

4. Mark the positions of the screw holes on the door with a pen while holding the repair panel in place.

5. Drill pilot holes for the screws, they only need to be a couple of millimetres deep as the screws are small and the door isn't very thick, don't over drill them, they only need to help get the screws started if that makes sense.

6. Attach the hinge repair panel to the door, ensuring the concealed hinge is in position in the blind hole first. Fix a screw into the door through each hole on the repair panel.

7. Re-attach door to cupboard

Let me know if you have a go at this one, I’d love to hear from you.

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