These shoppable moodboards take the effort out of interior styling.

Recently, I shared some shoppable moodboards and they went down really well, so here's the next installment.
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A quick bit of housekeeping before we get into the heavenly homeware - I've saved an image of each board first so you can see exactly what's on there, then underneath you'll find a numbered list with clickable links. Each item has its own link that will take you directly to the site you can purchase from. For clarity, some of the links are affiliate links, meaning I'll make a (very small!) commission on sales via my links on these shoppable moodboards, but this does not affect the price for you.

Let's go shopping...

Shoppable mood board no. 1: Relaxing neutral living room with natural materials and texture.

shoppable moodboard

1. sofa 2. black vase 3. cushion 4. ficus 5. footstool 6. white vase 7. Rug 8. Peg rail 9. TV stand 10. Green vase 11. Green throw 12. Sand timer

Shoppable mood board no. 2: Minimaluxe bathroom scheme

This was a reader request - a bathroom scheme that I've done inline with the trend coined by Livingetc magazine as 'Minimaluxe'. Minimalist but with a touch of luxury and the indulgence of a few accessories and furnishings that spark joy. Who wouldn't want that while they are cleaning their teeth - eh!

Shoppable moodboard for interior styling

1. Pendant Light 2. Marble tile 3. Wall light 4. Mirror 5. Sunroom towel ladder 6. Paint 7. Dusk towels 8. Ficus m&s 9. Stool 10. Rope pot 11. Rug 12. Vanity 13. Basin 14. Taps 15. Soap dish 16. Hand wash 17. Soap dispenser

Shoppable mood board no. 3: Hallway ideas including lighting

This was another reader request and was for some hallway ideas along especially lighting so here's a few ideas to give you inspiration.

Shoppable moodboard

1. Brompton table lamp 2. Table lamp 3. Rattan shade 4. Wall light 5. Console 6. Peg rail

7. Mirror 8. Vase 9. Vase 10. Lantern 11. Olive tree 12. Rattan basket 13. Rug

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