You heard right........... If you wanna know exactly how I did check my instagram. But now let's get to it.

Measurements: length 180 cm x width 70 cm and height 30 cm.
Plank: 6.8cm x 4.8cm
Ribbon: Jute ribbon. I used 7 rolls.

Here's how to do it:

Cut and sew together. I actually recommend putting the legs on first, also attaching the frame together. After I had screwed the frame together, I used acrylic and putty to seal all the holes. After this I painted the sunbed.

Then it was ready to put the ribbon on,  I used a staple gun and a rubber hammer. I chose 1.5 cm space between the ribbons. Remember to pull well, as the thread becomes a little loose after use. Braid the ribbon together so that you get a checkerboard pattern.

To create some support in the frame itself, I put up some planks across the underside.

If you want more support, you can put up some hemp ribbon on the underside as well. I used a plank on which I stapled the ribbon, and I also screwed it into the frame itself. Then you can tighten it well. You don't have to do this, but if you want the ribbon to become looser with use, it can be smart.

You can make the sunbed as wide and long as you want, so that it fits into your garden. Good luck and I hope you were inspired.

Use as a sunbed or bench and adapt with a pillow/towel as needed.

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