I started furniture flipping 2 years ago and it was the best decision ever! Yes it was nerve racking but it was worth it.

I wanted to do something that was different in my community and unique. I love DIY, Crafts and continuously being able to learn new skills.

When the Covid Pandemic hit there were many people who struggled with money but still wanted to update the furniture in their home. I was studying law at university from home at the time which gave me the flexibility to look into starting a furniture page to show how to flip a used good solid piece of furniture without any hidden tips or tricks.

I thought that by locating good quality furniture and home accessories and restoring them, I would be able to sell them on competitively than buying furniture brand new from the shop, allowing people to have better access to furniture and accessories to refurnish their home.

At the time I wanted this idea to appeal to customers who were students, home owners, those who have a smaller budget, those who like to shop sustainably as well as customers who are looking for a personalised piece.

I started by searching Facebook for any furniture pieces that were being given away. I saw a pink metal bedside table on Facebook Marketplace for £5! I was like yes! It was a 30 minute drive from me and I went and picked it up. I had an idea to transform it from a children’s bedside table to an adult style bedside table.

Found This Pink Metal Bedside Table on Facebook Marketplace for £5

The total cost I invested in the pink bedside table was:

Dulux Heritage “Ravens Flight” small pot of Paint = £4

Halfords Grey Metal Primer = £6.49

Rustoleum Painters Touch Gold paint = £1.99

2x Brushed Nickle Knobs = £4.80

Total in: £22.28

I then sold the bedside table on Facebook Marketplace for £75 and the profit was £52.72. Selling that piece of furniture was a positive feeling. Knowing that someone will enjoy a unique furniture piece that although it had been pre-loved it now has a new lease of life for years to come without having to be thrown away.

The Finished Transformation
Gold Detailing on the Wooden Legs using Rustoleums Painters Touch Gold Paint

Imagination, creativity and staging are 3 qualities that I love to express and furniture flipping allowed me to create and sell to people for affordable prices.

Now that I’ve learnt so much over the last 2 years and gained more experience I have started working directly with customers with commission pieces. I am so much more confident when it comes to working on larger pieces of furniture or dealing with high quality repairs.

Even 2 years on every time I finish a piece of furniture the satisfaction of having completed something myself will always make me feel proud. I’m so pleased with what I’ve learnt over the last 2 years and hopefully one day I will own a little shop, who knows! Never say Never.

Sevs Little Finds

Beautiful Plaque to represent SevsLittleFinds created by: @fun_blue_plaques on Instagram
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