Natural stone like Marble, Travertine and Limestone is a timeless and sophisticated material used for tiling and furniture.

Both beautiful and durable, it's perfect in any home.  

All you need is:

• Tumbled Travertine tiles x3 from @toppstiles Size:  60x40 cm
• ‘Fix all’ from @soudal_group_
• Clear gloss for the bottom only (where the tiles has been cut) - this brings out the natural travertine colour to match the top

How to Make the Travertine Side Table:

  1. Fix x 2 pieces of travertine long ways using 'Fix all'. This will be the base and make sure you have the natural pieces facing outwards and not the sides that have been cut.
  2. Let the base set for approximately 2 hours.  
  3. Once the base is set, with x 2 people, move the base to the place you're thinking of having it (it's very heavy, so this will make the whole process a little easier).
  4. Once in position, use 'Fix All' to fix the last piece of Travertine to the top, Easy!
  5. Use a clear gloss for the pieces that expose where the tile has been cut as it's usually a lighter colour with blade marks. If you use clear gloss this coats it and brings out the lovely natural travertine colour to match the rest of the table.  

There you go! An easy and affordable Travertine table. The total cost of the tiles was £30.00, The Soudal 'Fix All' £4.99, Clear Gloss £4.00, making the whole project cost only: £38.99. If you have looked at travertine furniture before, you will know that it is extremely costly.

I hope you like this DIY and good luck!

Don't forget to share your creations on social media, using #travertinetable #travertinesidetable. Happy creating!

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