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DIY planter XXL Small Budget

Comment transformer un espace extérieur avec style ? Tuto jardinière XXL pour moins de 150 euros ↓ Fournitures nécessaires: •Parpaing 10x20x50cm • Mortier •Scellement chimique •Tiges de ferraille •Enduit Etape 1: Tracer au sol les délimitations de votre future jardinière Etape 2: Détruire la dalle avec un marteau piqueur pour récupérer la terre...

How to DIY a Sunbed made of ribbon

Follow me on Instagram! You heard right........... If you wanna know exactly how I did check my instagram. But now let's get to it. Measurements: length 180 cm x width 70 cm and height 30 cm. Plank: 6.8cm x 4.8cm Ribbon: Jute ribbon. I used 7...

DIY Faux Tile Wall

A tutorial to help disguise a dull wall in the garden by adding some interest with a faux tiled effect. So originally at some point there was a coal shed and outside toilet here. Which has been removed but my neighbours still had theres. Meaning we had an ugly breeze...

DIY Slatted Log & Bin Store

A tutorial to create a modern slatted multi purpose storage space for your bins. When we moved in there was already a make shift log store, which we added a shelf for loose wood but it looked so unattractive and it was right outside our back door. So we dismantled...

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