A friend of mine gave me this old lamp that had seen better days. I wanted to give it a fresh new look with some paint and some Macrame Cord.

I started be cleaning the entire piece with a degreaser, and then giving it a scuff sand all over with 80 grit Sandpaper. This roughens the surface which will give the paint something to adhere to. I then applied a layer of primer which is an important step as this will also help with adhesion and prolong the final finish. Once dried, I gave it a light sand using 240 Grit Sand Paper, which will give a super smooth paint finish. I then followed with two coats of paint in a sage green colour.

I also wanted to cover the existing lamp shade with some new material. I used this thick linen material and cut it to size.

Once I had the exact measurements, I used my sewing machine to hem the edges and sew the seem together.

I wanted to add some extra detail so decided to use some macrame cord to add texture and give a boho aesthetic to the final piece. I tucked the ends under each other and used some glue to ensure it doesn’t come undone.

The new lamp cover slipped over the existing one and can easily be changed in the futureI. I also wrapped macrame cord around the electric cord to tie the whole piece together. I love how the cord and the shade match in colour and tie the whole piece together.

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