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What I Used:

• IKEA SNUDDA Lazy Susan
• IKEA RÖDEBY x 2 Bamboo Armrest
• IKEA 9cm FÖRENLIG Plant Pot x 3
• ‘Fix all’ to bond (already had)
• Liberon.uk Dark Oak Wood Stain (Already had)
Total Cost: £35

IKEA’s Snudda Lazy Susan is a light wood turntable that is quite beautiful in its simplicity, and although it looks lovely with its Scandinavian style light wood, it can be easily transformed into so much more by adding to it's function, with clever DIY hacks.

​How to Create the Lazy Susan Bedside Table:

  1. When you have collected the above items, start by taking your RÖDEBY Armrest and wrap it around the first FÖRENLIG and using a Stanley Knife, very carefully cut off any parts that overlap from the armrest, so the two ends meet together around the plant pot.
  2. Apply ‘Fix all’ compound around the top of the plant pot in a zigzag fashion.
  3. Carefully wrap the RÖDEBY armrest around the plant pot and hold in place - you will need to use a vice grip or get creative with something heavy around the house to hold the armrest in position until the compound has set. It is recommended to leave for 24 hours, but ours was sturdy after 6 hours.
  4. Repeat this process twice, so you have three in total, and wait for them to set.
  5. Remove the turnable under the SNUDDA Lazy Susan, as you only require the top.
  6. When you are happy that your armrests are firmly set to the plant pots, place all three together, upright to make a triangular shape on top of the lazy Susan, so it is central and trace around the shape with a pencil.
  7. Remove the three armrests from the Lazy Susan and assemble them back into a triangular shape.
  8. Carefully apply the 'Fix All' around the top of the armrests - use Fix All sparingly, so you do not have too much excess compound.
  9. Apply a small amount of Fix All around your traced pencil mark on the Lazy Susan.
  10. Carefully stick each armrest to your pencil markings on to the Lazy Suzan - Leave to dry for at least 6 hours.
  11. Now your bedside table is secured together, turn it the correct way up and apply Liberon.uk Dark Oak Wood Stain with a cloth to the tabletop and legs (if this is the colour you wish to achieve) - drying time approximately 6 hours.
  12. You can also use spray paint for wood to achieve the desired colour.

There you go! An easy and affordable Japandi style bedside table. The cost of materials we did not have was £35, The Soudal 'Fix All' £4.99, Wood Stain £9.99, making the whole project cost only: £49.98. If you have looked at Japandi furniture before, you will know that it is extremely costly, so this is a great way to achieve the same aesthetic, for a fraction of the price!

​I hope you like this DIY and good luck!

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Happy creating!

​Best wishes,


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